Farm Map set up

A crucial part of setting up your Agrista account is to create an accurate map of your farm. Our support team will assist you in capturing the base information so that you can begin to use your account effectively.

A farm map consists of many layers of geolocated information. The first of which is the farm boundary. Every farm map displays the Agrista Agricultural background layer, from which you can select the farmland portions that make up your farm boundary.

The second map layer divides your farm boundary into different land components, i.e. crop land, grazing, orchards etc. This information is used in a variety of additional features, such as determining the value of your farm, assisting you with production planning and financial resource management, and monitoring of plant vitality through remote sensing.

On top of these two base layers you can mark points of interest such as the location of buildings and other fixed improvements as well as entrance points to assist with deliveries to your farm.