Smart Documents

Documents are used throughout the Agrista system to summarise a farm at a specific point in time. These range from a simple asset register to a complex 2-year financial resource plan. Documents can be used to share data between different Agrista accounts.


Types of documents


An Asset Register is a list of farm assets captured at the time of the document's creation. It is primarily used to exchange data between Agrista account, e.g. send a map of your farm to an Agrista service provider by creating an Asset register of your farmland assets.

A Farm Valuation report is prepared by one of our service provider partners to determine the value of your farm. It contains a detailed valuation of your land components and fixed improvements as well as a list of comparable sales in your area. You can import the data from a valuation report into your account to populate your farm map base layers.

A Financial Resource Plan can be prepared in conjunction with your financial advisor to prepare a 2-year cash flow for your farm.

  • Select Documents on the main menu.

A list of all the documents associated with your account will display