Do you know where your farm is making money? 

At Agrista we help you organize your financial and farm information to identify opportunities for increased farming profits, in one convenient place.

Rich Information

Make informed decisions with with interactive farm maps.

We combine your farm map with dynamic online services that help you answer the toughest questions about revenues, profitability, and financial yields.

Simple Planning

Community-based enterprise budgets make financial resource planning a snap.

Search online enterprise budgets and allocate these to your fields with easy-to-use tools. Customising input costs and produce sales for your production system is just as easy. Share your production plans with participating service providers and farmer associations for powerful benchmarking analysis of assets values and input costs.

Online Procurement

Conveniently browse our online store for products and service

We provide access to digital services that assist your in your financial resource planning. Transfer funds to our trust account and we will only release these when the merchant has fulfilled your order. You can  therefore provide payment guaranteers to your suppliers while controlling the disbursement of your funds.

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Subscriptions for Farm Operators

We offer annual plans, but we just bump your plan whenever you need it.


A free account for registration a farmer profile and receiving data from other members.

  • Receive data documents
  • Self-help support only

For farm operators that want to grow. Includes everything in Standard, plus:

  • Create and share financial resource plans
  • Satellite image updates every 16 days
  • Farmland value updates every quarter
  • Production cost updates from registered commodity organisations
  • Email and telephonic support